Trip Inspection & Rego
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Trip Inspection Rego

Trip Inspection & Rego – 4WD Repairs

Trip Inspection & Rego

Pre and Post Trip Inspections
Getting ready and heading away on your trip is exciting and at the top of your to do list should be having your vehicle checked thoroughly be our qualified technicians. A check over of your vehicle’s fluids, suspension, steering, underbody, tyres, lighting and a full report on any issues that could possibly arise during your trip is a great way to ensure you have a safe and memorable trip. A post trip check over is also a good way to make sure your vehicle has come back in good shape and also attend to any issues, so your vehicle is ready for the next adventure. By making sure that your vehicle is operating safely and according to specifications, vehicle owners can prevent disaster from befalling their trek. While not a problem in urban environments break downs or faults can become more and more hazardous the further from civilisation you travel, with break downs becoming potentially-threatening to the occupants of the vehicle due to the lack of help. Prevent a minor issue becoming an extremely-hazardous situation by getting the team at T&G to conduct an in-depth and life-saving pre-trip inspection.

Rego Inspections & Restraint

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Quality Accessories From Bullbars To Diff Locks And Smaller Items Such As Snatch Straps And Filter Kits.

T&G 4x4 is a registered and unregistered pink, blue and gas inspection station for vehicles, trailer and motorcycles. We are also an RMS certified restraint, additional seat and seat belt fitting station. At T&G we strive to provide a premium and comprehensive level of service and satisfaction to everyone who comes through our workshop’s doors.

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Taking into account the age, make, and model of your vehicle we can conduct up-to-date and accurate registration inspections and restrain checks, giving you peace of mind everytime you get behind the wheel. Our rego checks are also beneficial in increasing the value of your vehicle, helping you if you wish to resell your vehicle in the future. To find out more about the many benefits of our highly-regarded services and solutions give us a call on 02 4577 5044.

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